Ng Chin-fung

Since childhood, Ng Chin-fung has been keen on Cantonese opera, which he started to learn from Chan Fei-lung at 14. He was also a final student of the famous Siu Mou (the young military role), Gu Tin-ng, and was taught by Chan Tit-ying with Chan Fei-lung’s recommendation. Moreover, he has also been a student of Lee Siu-pang, Yam Tai-fan and Lau Shun from whom he learned the basics and the Northern School acrobatics and martial arts.


Ng took on the major role of Man Mou Sheng (the principal male) at 18, and since then has co-performed with many Dan (the female role) actresses such as Lee Bo-ying, Cheng Kwok-po, Chan Hou-kau, Law Yim-hing, Chung Lai-yung, Nam Hung, Ng May-ying, Lee Heung-kam, Tse Suet-sum, Wang Ming-chun, Wu Mei-yee, Wan Fei-yin, Nam Fung, Leung Siu-sum, Tang Mi-ling, Chang Wing-yee, and so on.


Ng’s repertoire includes “The Sword” and “Yu Lang's Sword to Save the Country” written by Lee Siu-wan; “Love Broken by Thunderbolt”, “Against Destiny”, “Spanking the Princess”, and “Xue Dingshan Thrice Angered Fan Lihua” written by Leung Shan-yan; “Scholar Chin’s Romance” written by Chan Kwun-hing; “Hua Mulan”, “Raccoon for a Prince”, “A Handful of Snow”, “Revenge at Guang Chang Long” written by Yuen Siu-fai; “Lover’s Destiny” written by Ho Chi-choi; “Jade Hairpin” written by Sun Kim-long; “Vows of Love”, “Yun Niang” and “Lu Buwei” written by Cheung Chak-ming; “Guanyin”, “Pan Jinlian”, “The Impeachment of Yan Song” and “Great Ode to Red Cliff” written by Li Kui-ming.


Ng has also written adapted versions of “Chen Shi-mei” and “Emperor Guangxu Making Sacrificial Offerings to Concubine Zhen at Night”, and written “Liang Tian-lai Making an Appeal to the Emperor”, “The Legend of Yan Jing” and “The Third Young Master Sha”.


For many years, Ng has been actively involved in passing on the art of Cantonese opera to the next generation. He has performed in USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Japan, Philippines, and the mainland many times. In 2020, he was awarded “Artist of the Year” in the “14th Arts Development Awards”.

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