• Artistic DirectorNg Chin-fung

    Two Heroic Families

      30. 06. 202119:30
      01. 07. 202119:30
    Performance Introduction

    King of Chu has been murdered for his throne. Ha Wan-lung(Xia Yunlong) and Mo Tak-lam(Mao Delin) gather to protect the crown prince to flee to Kingdom Ngai, yet the plan fails eventually and he is being captured. Turns out the commander in chief is Wan-lung’s fiancée Ho Choi-fung(He Caifeng). Ho Fei-fu(He Feihu) offers to be the witness of their marriage. Fei-fu was the Royal princess’ husband. For the sake of his son, Chiu-ming(Chaoming), Fei-fu marries Wan-lung’s sister Ha Wan-sheung(Xia Yunxiang). In order to regain the throne, Wan-lung begs his wife for the token of military control. Then Tak-lam instigates Chiu-ming to disturb the newlywed, in order to obtain Fei-fu’s armory’s key. With the force, Wan-lung and Tak-lam successfully defeat the Northern Chai’s army. Due to the unlawfulness of this military action, Fei-fu’s father is convicted, and Fei-fu blames Chiu-ming for this. To save their father, the Ho’s argue with the Ha’s at the court. Ko threats Ha to retrieve the army, Madame Ha commits suicide to encourage her son to terminate the evil. The crown prince of Chu eventually regains power, the generous prince then agrees to surrender part of the city to King of Northern Ngai in order to atone for the Ha’s crime.