• Artistic DirectorWong Chiu-kwan

    Three Battles to Secure Peace for Nation

      12. 09. 202319:30
      13. 09. 202319:30
    Performance Introduction

    Pak Sheung-chau (Bai Xiangqiu), despite being a master of pen and sword, is indebted and impoverished. Cornered in such a situation, he has no choice but to work as a handyman for the Lau (Liu) Family to earn his living, where he is taken care of by his friend Lo Chik (Lu Zhi). The daughter of the family, Young Lady Lau Yu-heung (Liu Ruxiang), sympathizes with him when seeing he has nowhere to sleep but to sleep in the garden. Therefore, she asks her maid, Ho-fa (Hehua), to give Sheung-chau a cotton-padded gown for use as a blanket. However, her father is furious with what she has done and drives her away. Having no control over this, she is left homeless and has to seek refuge with Sheung-chau. When Eastern Liao attacks Tang dynasty, Emperor Taizong of Tang decides to fight back. On the way to the front, Emperor Taizong of Tang has a dream that a young soldier in the white suit would save his life. Therefore, he gives an order to find the young soldier out. At the same time, as the city where Sheung-chau settles down is also invaded by Eastern Liao, he joins the army and is managed the General Sung Yu-hoi. Deceived by General Sung Yu-hoi and his son, Sheung-chau believes that Emperor Taizong of Tang is arresting him; therefore, he has to hide in the Mountain Deity Temple. Meanwhile, Emperor Taizong of Tang is chased by soldiers of Eastern Liao to the Mountain Deity Temple but rescued by Sheung-chau. The truth reveals, and Sheung-chau is awarded and knighted. In the end, Sheung-chau becomes a duke and marries Yu-heung under the witness of Emperor Taizong of Tang. Sheung-chau also teases his father-in-law to have his revenge more or less.