• Artistic DirectorWong Chiu-kwan

    Beauty in Disguise

    • Screenwriter
      Lee Siu-wan
    14. 09. 202319:30
    15. 09. 202319:30
Performance Introduction

For seeking chances to avenge the injustices against her father,Yik Chau-ping (Ye Qiu-ping) serves in Marshal Mang's house by disguising herself as Chun-kiu (Chunjiao), an ugly maid, who always teases the handsome young master Mang Yik (Meng Yi). When the Liaos invade, Mang Yik volunteers to fight the invaders and pledges to marry Chun-kiu if defeated, with the purpose of uniting his subordinate Chiu Tai-yung (Jiao Dayong) with Chun-kiu. 
As the vanguard, Tai-yung misleads Mang Yik's army into the trap of the Liaos. And at this critical moment, Chau-ping appears (without her disguise) and repels the enemy. Meng falls in love with Chau-ping and proposes to her, but is rejected. Back in the camp, Marshal Meng sentences his son to death for his failure in the mission. In order to save Mang Yik, Chau-ping comes to surrender her troop to Marshal Meng and agrees to lead the fight against the enemies.
After defeating Prince Aleihon (Ali Khan), Chau-ping departs quietly and leaves a letter demanding Mang Yik to fulfil his promise by marrying Chun-kiu. Mang Yik has Tai-yung as the bridegroom for the wedding night. Chau-ping (Chun-kiu) knows their tricks and gives them a lesson after playing a prank on them. Finally, with the truth unfold, Marshal Meng scolds his son and agrees to plead with the imperial government for looking into the grievances of Chau-ping's father. Quiping and Mang Yik become a happy couple at last.