• Artistic DirectorChan Ka-ming

    Capturing the Heart of the Han's Princess

    • Screenwriter
      Leung Shan-yan
    18. 09. 202319:30
    19. 09. 202319:30
Performance Introduction

Lam Sheung-wu, the son of Imperial Minister Lam Tze-ching, is a young and promising individual. He and Princess Lau Yuk-chui solemnly pledge their eternal love in front of the revered Marriage Stone. However, Sheung-wu indifferent to fame and fortune, do not want to be honored by nepotism, causing the princess to hesitate in revealing her true identity. The Han Emperor, desiring to bestow Sheung-wu with the prestigious title of son-in-law, remains oblivious to the princess's concealed status. Swiftly, Tze-ching, the father of Sheung-wu, hastily substitutes him with an identical-looking scholar named Sheung-wu to partake in the affairs of the royal court. Amidst the grand wedding day, a horde of barbarian invaders launches an assault on the Central Plains. The feeble scholar, Sau-man, finds himself compelled to lead the army against the merciless enemy. Tragically, he is captured by the barbarian leader, who is captivated by his remarkable appearance and transports him to their encampment. How will the erudite Sau-man manage to escape the clutches of the barbarian camp? Moreover, Tze-ching, as the princess who is kept in the dark remains concealed within the palace walls, will she ultimately reunite with her true love and find enduring happiness?