• Artistic DirectorWan Fai-yin

    The Mysterious Affair at Jizhou Academy

    • Screenwriter
      Pan Yifan
    08. 09. 202319:30
    09. 09. 202319:30
Performance Introduction

To select a husband for her daughter Fung-mei among his students, the chancellor of the Jizhou Academy Law Kwong-chi, announces whoever succeeded in the imperial exam can marry Fung-mei. His student Chong-sin acquires first place with his political power, while the talented Ngan-sang only ranks second. Yet, as Ngan-sang arrives earlier than his classmates, Kwong-chi agrees on the marriage between him and Fung-mei. To get back his love, Chong-sin plots to murder Kwok-wa and shift the blame on Ngan-sang. However, he kills Fung-mei's cousin Li Seung-man instead. Kwok-wa hears this case of murder. Although Ngan-sang tries his best to prove his innocence, Chong-sin adds unfair remarks about him. Can Ngan-sang wash away the accusation?