• Artistic DirectorLaw Ka-ying

    Formulaic Plays Excerpts:
    Testing His Loyal Wife,Sworn Brother and Sister,Three Trials of the Scholar’s Wife,Brothers’ Vow by Biting onto Arrows, An Oath to Break Ties Forever

      04. 01. 202319:30
      05. 01. 202319:30
    Performance Introduction

    Testing His Loyal Wife

    General Ma Sung-Wai (Ma Chongwei) hears that his father-in-law plans to usurp power and the throne, so he decides to crusade against him. Before taking action, Sung-Wai goes on to test his wife Lady Chow (Lady Zhou)’s loyalty to the country, by lying to her that he plans to betray the emperor with his father in law. However, Lady Chow is so loyal to the emperor that she would rather die than join them. Ma feels his wife is trustworthy hence he tells her the truth.


    Sworn in Grotto

    Chiu Hong-yan (Zhao Kuangyin) seeks refuge in a monastery after he killed dozens after drunk. One day, while wandering around, Hong-yan hears a lady screaming for help, which leads him to the cavern of the God of Thunder. He breaks through the entrance and he finds the lady Chiu King-leung (Zhao Jingniang), who was abducted and trapped while sweeping her family’s grave. Out of chivalry, Hong-yan offers to accompany her home through the night, which leads the two later vow to become sworn brother-and-sister.

    Three Trials of the Scholar’s Wife

    The newly appointed Qiantang magistrate, Hung Cheng-ling (Xiong Zhengling), is such a diligent and loving one, yet one day, he comes across a domestic homicide case. The suspect, Sze Yuk-lan (Shi Yulan), is accused for murdering her husband on their wedding night.

    Yuk-lan has already confessed, yet Cheng-ling finds her confession suspicion. During cross examination, Yuk-lan reveals that her new husband is actually the one who murdered her real husband, and is whom then forced her to marry him.

    After Cheng-ling knowing Yuk-lan’s story and her actually being his teacher’s daughter, Cheng-ling pleads for her case. Yet his plead is meet with an order from the Chief Secretary, for her execution in three days. Out of ideas, Cheng-ling prepares to bid Yuk-lan farewell...

    Brothers’ Vow by Biting onto Arrows, An Oath to Break Ties Forever

    After being set-up, Kwong Sui-lung (Kuang Ruilong) becomes bandit at Erlong Maintain. One day, the general Cheng Chung (Zhang Zhong) comes with the army to suppress Sui-lung’s gang. Chung wins over Sui-lung in the fight, during his retreat, Sui-lung does a snapshot on Chung, yet to repay for sparing him, Sui-lung makes the shot with a headless arrow. Knowing how honorable Sui-lung is, Cheung Chung offers him to surrender. The two appreciate each other so much they later vow to become brothers.

    Sui-lung later follows Chung back home, which shocks him as he see his wife, Lady Cheung (Lady Zhang), is living with Chung. Sui-lung firmly believes his brother and his wife is having a clandestine relationship even after Chung explains to him, he rushes out leaving only a letter behind. Chung and Sui-lung’s wife chases Sui-lung, which leads to a scuffle. It is only after the old servant arrives and assuring it is Sui-lung’s misunderstanding, the situation is finally disarmed.