• Artistic DirectorChan Ka-ming

    Chuncao Barging into the Court

    • Screenwriter
      Liu Yu-on
    08. 01. 202319:30
    09. 01. 202319:30
Performance Introduction

The Prime Minister’s daughter Lee Pun-yuet (Li Banyue), accompanied by her maid, Chuncho (Chunchau), goes to mount Hua on an incense-offering pilgrimage, during which she is harassed by Ng Tok (Wu Du), son of the Minister of Civil Service. A chivalrous young man, Sit Mui-ting (Xue Meiting), happens to pass by and comes to their rescue. After that Ng Tok tries to kill a village lady, which he ends up killing himself. Mui-ting ends up accounted for Ng Tok’s death, hence is put to jail.

Chuncho, in a hurry to save Mui-ting, rushes into the court, claiming Mui-ting is the husband of the Prime Minister’s daughter. The judge hesitates and ask for confirmation with the house of Prime Minister. To save their saviour, Pun-yuet can only continue the lie.

The Prime Minister is shocked for the son-in-law that from the blue, to make up for their lie, Chuncho and Pun-yuet bring along Mui-ting to explain to the Prime Minister. Would the lie comes true or would it be burst?