• Artistic DirectorChan Ka-ming

    Full Moon over Grand Realm

    • Screenwriter
      Yip Siu-tak
    06. 01. 202319:30
    07. 01. 202319:30
Performance Introduction

Amid the war, Tong Tze-heung (Tang Zhixiang) is scattered from her husband Ngai Hei-yin (Wei Xixian), which she then seeks help from her cousin Fong Yan-kit (Fang Renjie) together with her brother. On the other hand, the rebel leaders King-wai (Jingwei), Siu-kuen (Xiaojuan), Lik-hang (Lixing) are spotted during their attempt to steal the documents from the Yuan government, which leads to a raid on their base. During the raid, Tze-heung tries to cover up for the rebels, which to her shock, the raiding commander is none other than her husband.

Hei-yin wishes to reunite with his wife, so he gifts her a military token and lies to her claiming his fake surrender to the Yuen. Tze-heung soon sees through his lies while probing him for information, which he spills out a lot of secrets and makes she realize that Hei-yin is now married to the daughter of the invader’s general.

Little does she know, the leak of information is only a bait set by Hei-yin, only to lure the rebels into a trap, King-wai and Siu-kuen soon get trapped,. Luckily, Tze-heung risks her life to save them and she succeeds. After that they gather up in a remote village, planning to launch the revolution during the full-moon festival. After the launch, the rebels lead by King-wai crushes the Yuen forces. In the end, they defeated the Yuen, leaving a gravely wounded Hei-yin, the traitor passed away soon after.