• Artistic DirectorLaw Ka-ying

    Loyal to Love

    • Screenwriter
      Cheun Chung-ying
    02. 01. 202319:30
    03. 01. 202319:30
Performance Introduction

A village girl Cheng Hau-yi ( Zheng Qiao-er) saved Emperor Lau Sau (Liu Xiu), and the rebels killed her father during the incident. She ran away and rescued the high official Sung Wang (Song Hong) on her way. Sung Wang and Hau-yi lived in an abandoned temple and fell in love. They pledged their love for each other using a broken bowl left by Hau-yi's parents as their love token. Lau Sau reclaimed his throne and appointed Sung Wang his Grand Councilor. Lau Sau's sister, Princess of Woo Yeung admired Sung Wang's honorable personality, and wished to marry him. During Sung Wang and Hau-yi's anniversary celebration, Lee Tung arrived and proposed on behalf of the princess and Sung Wang wrote his rejection on a piece of white silk. Princess Woo Yeung came to court expecting good tidings; however, Sung Wang publicly rejected her claiming that he would never divorce his wife. Infuriated, the emperor ordered to execute Sung Wang. At the execution ground,Hau-yi served a last meal to Sung Wang using the broken bowl and Princess Woo Yeung was deeply touched. Emperor Lau Sau arrived and recognized Hau-yi was the girl who saved his life, so he pardoned Sung Wang.