• Artistic DirectorWong Chiu-kwan

    The Returned Armour

    • Screenwriter
      Poon Yat-fan
    14. 01. 202319:30
    15. 01. 202319:30
Performance Introduction

Shima Chung -yin(Sima Zhongxian) and Lau Yu-sheung (Liu Rushuang) are lovers. On the eve of Chung -yin’s expeditionary errand, the lovers, without their parents’ knowledge, exchange an armour and a flute as betrothal gifts. However, Chung -yin’s elder, handicapped brother Boling, who also loves Lau Yu-sheung (Liu Rushuang), forces his stepmother to match them. Besides, Lee Mei-chu (Li Meizhu) intends to separate the lovers because she has had a crush on Chung -yin. Unwillingly, Yu-sheung agrees to marry Boling out of gratitude to the Sima family.


With Yu-sheung’s brother Lau Meng-hung (Li Mengxiong), Chung -yin returns home in triumph and is shocked at the wedding of Yu-sheung and Sima Pak-ling (Sima Boling). Since his lover becomes his sister-in-law, Chung -yin returns Yu-sheung the armour and refuses to run away with her. Having discovered their secret, Pak-ling scolds Yu-sheung but is taunted in return. Overwhelmed with anger, Pak-ling runs away from home.


Worrying about Pak-ling, Madame Sima gets sick. One day, Pak-ling is seen begging in the street by Madame Sima, but he refuses to go back with her. After Chung -yin returns home with the title of a noble, Pak-ling reprimands Madame Sima for spoiling him. Madame Sima begins to realize her wrongness for spoiling Pak-ling and mistreating Chung -yin. Pak-ling, having experienced the hardships of life, agrees to settle the grudges with Chung -yin and part with Yu-sheung for the sake of reuniting the family.