• Artistic DirectorWong Chiu-kwan

    White Dragon Outpost

    • Screenwriter
      So Yung
    07. 07. 202119:30
    08. 07. 202119:30
Performance Introduction

Northern Han declares war on the Song Dynasty. Chiu Hong-yan(Zhao Kuangyin), the emperor of Song, and his officers are trapped at the White Dragon Outpost. Disguised as villagers, the siblings Fuyin Shau-ting(Huyan Shouting) and Fuyin Kam-ting(Huyan Jinding) manage to escape from the outpost by fooling Prince Bak-lung(Bailong), saying they are picking medicine for their sick mother, and return with reinforcements. Prince Bak-lung is defeated by Chiu Tak-chiu(Zhao Dezhao) and flees to Flying Dragon Range. As he has helped them before, Kam-ting lets Prince Bak-lung go away. In order to help Prince Bak-lung, Concubine Lau(Concubine Liu) blocks the way with the imperial carriage, so Shau-ting fails to capture the fleeing enemy. Concubine Lau even persuades Hong-yan to kill Shau-ting as a punishment. As the execution supervisor, Tak-chiu secretly saves him from death. Once Prince Bak-lung is back with power, Kam-ting is forced to negotiate for peace with the head of her brother. Kam-ting tries to assassinate the Prince but in vain. Meanwhile, Tak-chiu and Uncle Chin rush to reveal that there is an engagement between them. In addition, they also tell Prince Bak-lung that King of Northern Han is the murderer of his father. With the help of Tak-chiu, Prince Bak-lung kills the King and revenges for his father. Hong-yan is so glad that such strong and loyal Prince devotes himself to the Song Dynasty.