Kong Hiu-fei


Coached vocally by Tam Siu-wai, Chan Fai-hung and Roman Tam. Kong was instructed in performance by Chen Min, Lau Kwok-sik, Jia Junxiang, Zhou Zhenbang and Themis Chiu. Apprenticed for 18 years. Specializes in clown roles and bearded roles.

  • Which veteran artist(s) are you a fan of, and why?
    Leung Sing-bor. I admire his convincing and naturalistic acting, as well as his quick wit. I am in awe of the fact that he excelled at both comedic and serious roles and that he was a master of both vocal delivery and movement.
  • What is your quest in art?
    I would like to gain mastery of the clown role type and bring joy to the audience.
  • Please share an interesting anecdote or an unforgettable moment on stage.
    When I was playing Liu Depeng in Mistake at the Flower Festival, my beard came off. Fortunately, it was a comedy. The audience had a great laugh and the show proceeded as normal.

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