• Artistic DirectorChan Ka-ming

    Two Heroes

    • Screenwriter
      Leung Shan-yan
    18. 01. 202419:30
    19. 01. 202419:30
Performance Introduction

Keung Yuen-lung, once a bandit, received a title from the imperial court. Alongside Hon Chung-yin, whom he claimed as a brother, they played crucial roles in protecting the country. Consort Choi, daughter of Choi Hung-to, had an affair with General Chow Yin-kong. When Empress Mother Song discovered this, Chow killed her, framing Yuen-lung as the offender to eliminate him as an enemy. Emperor Song, misled by the false accusation, believed Yuen-lung was the murderer, despite Empress Wu's suggestion to investigate further. Yuen-lung, refusing arrest, fled the palace. Seizing the opportunity, Hung-to took the throne.

While fleeing, Yuen-lung covered the empress and returned to the forest. Chung-yin took the emperor with him, and the four eventually reunited. The emperor acknowledged his mistake and, with Yuen-lung and Chung-yin, devised a plan to reclaim the country. Disguised as a female street performer, Yuen-lung was invited to perform sword dancing in the palace, aiming to assassinate Hung-to. Meanwhile, Chung-yin and the emperor led the army, breaking through the forts. The traitors were defeated, and the rightful regime was restored.