• Artistic DirectorWong Chiu-kwan

    Journey to the West: Flaming Town and Fragrant Nation

    • Screenwriter
      Calvin Cheng
    10. 01. 202419:30
    11. 01. 202419:30
Performance Introduction

Since the kickoff of the journey, the Monkey King had defeated all demons along the way without failure. However, the obstacles they encountered in the Women’s Kingdom and the Flaming Mountains proved invincible! The Women’s Kingdom had suffered from heat for years due to its proximity to the Flaming Mountains. The kingdom was obligated to pay tributes of livestock and fruits, entreating Princess Iron Fan to reduce the flames with her Palm Leaf Fan so that they could cultivate their crops and sustain their livelihoods.

When the Tang Monk and his students encountered the Women’s Kingdom, the queen immediately fell in love with the Tang Monk. She then requested the Monkey King to fetch the Palm Leaf Fan to extinguish the flames; otherwise, she vowed not to let them proceed, using this as an excuse to keep Tang Monk with her.

The Monkey King had previously implored the Goddess of Mercy to punish the Red Boy, the son of the princess. Hostility had brewed between the two since then. After several battles, the Monkey King could only obtain a counterfeit Palm Leaf Fan. The queen seized this as an opportunity to expel the Monkey King and coerce Tang Monk into marrying her.

Will the journey come to an end? How can Tang Monk and the Monkey King resolve the passionate love of the queen and the intense anger of the princess?