• Artistic DirectorLaw Ka-ying

    The Warrior's Marriage

    • Screenwriter
      So Yung
    22. 01. 202419:30
    23. 01. 202419:30
Performance Introduction

The general of Ming, Wah Wan-lung, in order to contribute to his king’s plan, disguises himself as the Gusu so he can deceive the Northern Han and marries the princess. The Han general finds Wan-lung very suspicious, but his doubt is turned down by the princess, Nganping. Nganping marries with Wan-lung right away and encourages her father king to go to Mount Li so they can joint force with the Gusu. Later she finds that it is a trap set by Wan-lung’s sister, the Ming army ambushes the Northern Han troops, and the King of Northern Han is killed by the spying Wan-lung. The princess is furious to know her trust is betrayed, vowing for Wan-lung’s head for revenge. Leading troops all the way to his citadel, the two reunite in a way no longer the same. Wan-lung regrets for his deed and asks the princess to end him for redemption, Nganping hesitates while she sees Wan-lung. It is that moment she gets wounded by Wan-fung. Nganping flees to a shabby temple. Wan-lung chases her, and they confess that despite all that happened they still love each other, and are both willing to sacrifice for each other. Ting-pin (Dingbian) rushes there to kill Wan-lung. Fortunately, Lau Pak-wan and Wu Lam arrive and disclose Yau-leung’s past. Turns out she is the child of the old King of Northern Han, who is killed by Yau-leung. Yau-leung seized his throne and wife, also adopted the King’s posthumous child, which is Nganping. She then realizes that Wan-lung actually has helped her to revenge for her biological father. Finally, the lovers settle all the grudges and live happily ever after.