• Artistic Director Loong Koon-tin

    Tong Pakfu’s Seduction of Chauheung

    • Screenwriter
      Tong Tik-sang
    14. 01. 202419:30
    15. 01. 202419:30
Performance Introduction

With the aim of searching for beauty, Tong Pak-fu, the top scholar in the imperial examination, is touring at Mount Huqiu. Coincidentally, he bumps into Chau Heung, a maid who is accompanying her master, Madam Wah to worship at Grand Buddha Hall in a monastery. Pak-fu is attracted by Chau Heung, however, Chau Heung thinks that he is definitely a swindler. When Pak-fu meets Chau Heung again at the Grand Hall, he pretends to explain the oracle from the god to Chau Heung so as to flirt with her. Accidentally, Pak-fu discovers that her another master, Fung Choi-lin is actually his elder cousin. After that, Pak-fu asks Choi-lin about Chau Heung’s background. Although Pak-fu is discouraged by Choi-lin, he still believes that Chau Heung will marry him before autumn comes. In order to approach Chau Heung, Pak-fu rents a boat to chase Madam Wah’s ship. While Pak-fu’s boat is nearby, he tries whole bag of tricks to lead out Chau Heung and tease her. Since Pak-fu finds that he does not have enough money to pay for the rent, he then decides to give an autograph for the boatman instead. After that, he goes ashore and keeps chasing Chau Heung. On the other hand, Pak-fu wants to approach Chau Heung and he decides to sell himself as a servant for Madam Wah, while he also asks for Choi-lin’s help at Wah’s home. 

As Madam Wah wants to test the study progress of her two stupid sons, Wah Man and Wah Wu, she prepares an examination for them. Even though Pak-fu secretly helps them in the exam, their dishonest actions are discovered by Madam Wah. However, Madam Wah is impressed by Pak-fu’s talent, and she invites Pak-fu to be the teacher of her sons. After that, Pak-fu expresses his love to Chau Heung, and even unmasks his scholar identity to her. However, Chau Heung rejects. Later, when the younger sister of Pak-fu’s friend, Chuk Sau-fung comes, Choi-lin immediately explains to her about Pak-fu’s plan. Finally, Chau Heung is persuaded by Sau-fung and decides to marry Pak-fu.