• Artistic DirectorLaw Ka-ying

    The Immortal Zhang Yuqiao

    • Screenwriter
      Tong Tik-sang
    20. 01. 202419:30
    21. 01. 202419:30
Performance Introduction

Li Shing-tung, a betrayed General of Ming Dynasty, defeats the loyal officer Chan Tsz-chong in a war. Injured and chased by Shing-tung, Tsz-chong returns home and requests his concubine Cheung Yuk-kiu to look after the family and flee away. When Tsz-chong prepares himself for Shing-tung, to his surprise, he finds out that the enemy has already taken his family as hostages. In the midst of chaos, Yuk-kiu is separated from other family members. In order to save them, she turns back to the house. Shing-tung loves Yuk-kiu, and asks her to accept a marriage with him so as to save the Chan’s family. Yuk-kiu has no choice but surrenders herself to him. Tung Yeung-kap, a noble of Qing Dynasty, persuades Tsz-chong to surrender but in vain. Yuk-kiu threatens to execute all his family members. Meanwhile, Shing-tung arrives and asks Yuk-kiu spares the Chan’s lives. Knowing Shing-tung’s affection towards Yuk-kiu, Yuk-kiu makes up an excuse to execute Tsz-chong so as to bribe Shing-tung. Yuk-kiu marries into Li’s family, yet never smiles again……