Chor Ling-yan

Apprenticed for 25 years, specialized in female role.

Under coaching of Wong Yuet-sang and Yam Tai-fan. 

  • What has been your ultimate sacrifice for the art?
    Sacrificing time I would otherwise have spent with family and friends on important festivals and holidays, and using break time to memorize lines and rehearse.
  • What would you consider your greatest reward from your work in Cantonese Opera?
    Meeting many friends and audience members interested in the art, with some who became personal friends, sharing the joys and trials of their daily lives with me, as well as their experiences and wisdom. Apart from these, the chance to go abroad on tours, gaining invaluable team experience.
  • What attitude do you have when learning the art? How does it bring to bear on your pursuit in this art form?
    Diligence, hardship, perseverance, and faith are all part of my attitude. Seek guidance from those who come before you, read up related literature, participate in more varieties of performance, observe people and events around me, fortify myself with knowledge and repertoire, and march towards the Yellow Brick Road.

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