Chan Ching-wai

Apprenticed to Yam Tai-fan, Chan Ka-ming, Yeung Kim-wah, Lai Tin-sang and Lau Siu-wing. Chan was trained at Ching Ying Cantonese Opera Society. Apprenticed for 10 years. Specializing in male roles.

  • Which veteran artist are you a fan of, and why?
    I love watching Lam Kar-sing perform because his vocal techniques, movement and martial arts ability are all top-notch. His performances were really compelling because of how emotionally invested he was in the roles that he played.
  • Please share an interesting anecdote or an unforgettable moment on stage.
    It was during a performance of the Hero’s Blood on Mount Pipa, we only realized that the usual table we used for a particular acrobatic stunt wasn’t brought on after curtain up. I was shocked at first but we improvised and used a different table for the trick. At the end, we were able to finish it despite the error.
  • What has been the greatest reward of joining our Young Talent Showcase?
    Making many friends who share my passion for Cantonese Opera. The program has also broadened my artistic horizons.

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