Lam Hiu-wai

Specializing in female roles. Lam studied under Leung Sum-yee, Guan Shizhen and Tsai Win-wei at the Kim Sum Cantonese Opera Troupe. She graduated with a degree in Chinese Literature from Chu Hai College of Higher Education.

  • What is your most coveted role?
    Chun-lan from Mistake at the Flower Festival. I am partial to playing young maid roles.
  • Which veteran artist are you a fan of, and why?
    I admire Ms. Sabrina Lee a great deal. She has complete mastery over the art. Her performance never fails to touch people’s hearts.
  • Please share an interesting anecdote or an unforgettable moment on stage.
    It would have to be my first time performing Prime Minister of Six States. I was so nervous and flustered. Fortunately, many senior actors were very supportive and helped me out. After the performance, everyone was congratulating one another on their good work. It was a heartwarming scene.

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