Lam Wai-ting

Apprenticed for 15 years, specialize in female roles.

Received coaching under Lui Hung-kwong, Cheung Po-wah, Tsang Kin-man, Susanna Cheng and others.

  • What has been your ultimate sacrifice for the art?
    Not a lot personally…I think it is my parents and family that have sacrificed. Graduated from university, you are expected to have a steady income to support your parents financially. Instead, I am still under their care.
  • What attitude do you think a young artist should have? How does it bring to bear on your pursuit in this art form?
    The most important is the following adage: To elevate both virtue and artistry, to-take all things as they come. Be pragmatic in your performance to the audience.
  • What would be your quest in the art?
    To be a good actress, and to contribute to creativity in the art.
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