Chan Ka-ming

Chan Ka-ming is a renowned Cantonese Opera artist in Hong Kong, specializing in supporting female roles. She started out performing male roles originally, but switched to female roles.


She was discovered and mentored by a prominent Opera actress, famed for her versatility, Tang Pik-wan, who invited her to perform with the Pik Wan Tin Cantonese Opera Troupe. She was made an apprentice of Ms. Tang in the 70s. Chan has also studied under celebrated martial artist Yam Tai-fun, influential vocal coach Chu Ngai-gong, distinguished Peking Opera actress Kwok Kam-wah. She became an apprentice of all-round artist Liu Xun, whose guidance has greatly improved her craft.


She adheres to the teachings of these masters and makes every effort to portray all manner of roles, such as the Witch in a Cantonese Opera adaptation of Macbeth and the Old Enchantress in Strange Tales from a Chinese Studio.


In addition to Pik Wan Tin, Chan has performed with a variety of premier Opera troupes, including Tai Lung Fung, Chor Fung Ming, Fuk Sing, Ming Chi Sing, Shing Sai Tin.


In 2005, she formed her own Cantonese Opera troupe, Ka Hin Ngai. Together with young budding artists from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, the troupe has staged works, such as Legend of the White SnakeScarletThe Chessboard Mountain and The Tale of the Tiger Hunter in Hong Kong, as well as in Singapore.


She strives to present her own point of view of this traditional art form and contribute to the promotion of Cantonese Opera.

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