To Wing-sum, Christie

Apprenticed for 15 years under coaching of Lee Lung, specializes in male roles.

  • How did you come into this line of work?
    I’ve listened to Cantonese Opera with my mother ever since my youth. Chance had it that I accompanied my mother to a performance and met my present teacher, Lee Lung, I told him that I was interested in Cantonese opera. Afterwards, I was given a chance to follow him to learn, so I enter this industry.
  • How do people feel about your entering this industry?
    They feel curious and arouse some doubts. And I studied in an international school, my classmates found learning Chinese to be difficult and so they feel doubt, strange and interesting that I introduced in the art.
  • What would you consider your greatest reward from your work in Cantonese Opera?
    Improving my Chinese!
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