Ling Yan

Apprenticed for 16 years, specialized in female roles.

Apprenticed under Hu Zhifeng, learnt artistic skills from Mak Wai-man, Chan Fai-hung, Tsang Kin-man. 

  • Why and how did you come into this line of work?
    My parents played a lot of Cantonese Opera records at home and I habitually sang along. Chance had it that in F.3 I went to study in an Cantonese opera school, and have been there since.
  • How old were you at your opera debut? How did you feel?
    Eighteen. At the time, it was fun and novel, and, because of the beautiful wardrobe and headdress, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.
  • What attitude do you consider most important? How does it bring to bear on your pursuit in this art form?
    Seriousness and perseverance are necessary to the pursuit of the art.
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