Wong Po-huan

Graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. Her father is the Cantonese Opera artist Wong Kam-tong. Wong was apprenticed to Ng Lut-kwong. She was a recipient of the Outstanding Performance Awards of West Kowloon’s Xiqu Centre’s ‘Rising Stars of Cantonese Opera Showcase”. She was also awarded the Hong Kong Arts Development Council’s Award for Young Artist. 

  • Which veteran artist are you a fan of, and why?
    Fung Wong-nui, because of her superb acting skills and complete mastery of the art.
  • What is your quest in art?
    I would like to strengthen my vocal, movement and martial arts technique. I would also like to write scripts that both pay homage to old masterpieces and embrace modernity.
  • What has been the greatest reward of joining our Young Talent Showcase?
    Through the program, I am given the opportunity to learn repertoire that are lesser known and rarely performed which has really broadened my artistic horizons.
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