Wan Fai-yin

Wan Fai-yin is a renowned female lead-role performer of Cantonese opera in Hong Kong.


She started learning Cantonese opera in the 1960s. At her early days, Wan was a regular performer at the Kai Tak Amusement Park. Her performing tours to various parts of the world have been highly received by audiences. In 1978, Wan organized the Golden Opera Troupe; since then she has become a lead-role female performer. Her artistic achievements are results of incessant study and diligent practices. Numerous vocal sound track recordings and concerts, shows sweetness in her special vocal style. In 2005, she organized “40 Years since Art Career of Wan Fai Yin” and is well received by audiences. In 2007, Wan was invited to join singing of “Just because you are here”, a theme song commemorating the 10th anniversary establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.


In recent years, Wan has directed and produced several high quality Cantonese operas, such as Empress Dowager Xiaozhuang, A handful of snow & etc. As both performer and director, her works were highly acclaimed. To propagate the opera, Wan has put in a lot of effort in training young performers at the Cantonese Opera Academy in Hong Kong in recent years.


She was past vice-president of The Chinese Artists Association of Hong Kong and past president of the Guild of the Cantonese Opera Performers. From 2006 to 2008, she was appointed on the board of Cantonese Opera Advisory Committee, a committee for overseeing the preservation and development of traditional Cantonese operatic art. In 2012, Wan was awarded the Medal of Honour by the government of Hong Kong, and the Award for Best Artist (Xiqu), an award presented by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council for her contribution to the Cantonese operatic art.

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