Man Wah

Apprenticed for 20 years, specialize in male roles.

Received coaching under Ng Lut-kwong, Zhang Caizhen, Han Yanming.

  • What would you consider your greatest reward from your work in Cantonese Opera?
    Cantonese Opera is a multidisciplinary art, which combines singing, acting, recitation, and fighting; it is an alternative life style.
  • What attitude do you consider most important? How does it bring to bear on your pursuits in this art form?
    One needs strong determination, perseverance, and forbearance—these benefit to one's work and personal life. This unswerving will work at a deep level in one's heart, naturally lending a stronger perseverance in the pursuit of the art.
  • Care to comment on a particular aspect of opera protocol?
    Protocol in Cantonese opera includes etiquette, respecting seniority, knowing your place, etc. This protocol is probably a good one to follow for young people going into any industry.
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