Man Hin

Apprenticed for about 16 years, specialize in male roles.

Received coaching under Lam Kam-tong, Hu Zhifeng, Mak Wai-man, Shun Lau, Luo Pinchao and others.

  • How did you come into this line of work?
    I went to a Cantonese Opera with my mum once and, not only did I have no aversion to the art form, I actually found it quite meaningful. Moreover, as an athletic person, I was particularly attracted to the martial arts involved. Then, as chance would have it, I took a Cantonese opera performing course co-offered by the Chinese Artists Association of Hong Kong at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and so I join the industry after graduation.
  • Any special moments you wish to share with us?
    Improvisation on stage is actually very exciting…Once, I sprained my ankle, yet because of the concentration required in acting, I completely ignored it until after the show – and was left with a very swollen joint. The intensity of concentration and immersion that the art requires of the mind is beyond calculation.
  • What protocol of the industry impress you most?
    One rule that gave me a deep impression is having to greet people by saying “good morning” regardless of whether it is night or day, which strikes me as ridiculous and funny.
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