Man Shuet-kau

Apprenticed for about 20 years, specialize in female roles.

Apprenticed under Leung Ming-sing, received coaching under He Jiayao, Wu Kam-fai, Hui Kin-shun, Chan Kim-fong.

  • Which Cantonese Opera veteran are you a fan of, and why?
    Chan Ho-kau—she remains involved and serious in her art despite any difficulties.
  • What aspect of the art do you think you need to work on?
    Singing technique andpersonal performing style, engagement with the character, and being fully expressive.
  • What would be your quest in the art?
    Personally, learning different types of characters, improving in every performance, gaining recognition from opera veterans and acceptance from the audience. In terms of the troupe, cooperation and loving each other.
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