Law Ka-ying

Law received intensive training in basic Cantonese opera skills from his father and Uncle during his childhood. He studied under Beijing Opera masters Fen Juhua, Lu Guoguan, Liu Xun and Li Wanchun.


Over the years Law has been unrelentingly active in the preservation work of Cantonese opera heritage. His unprecedented Cantonese opera concert, in cooperation with Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra, was a milestone to the history of Cantonese opera. In January 2012,  he presented “Showcase of Law Ka-ying’s Art”. He is particularly renowned in playing the character of Guan Yu, the famous General of three kingdoms era (220-280 A.D.). In recognition of his promotion of Cantonese opera arts, Law was rewarded a Medal of Honour (M.H.) by the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region in July 2012.

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