Szeto Chui-ying

Specializing in male roles. She was thrice awarded the Hong Kong Bank Foundation scholarship for Cantonese Opera when she was studying at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. She is currently an artist with Cantonese Opera Young Talent Showcase, a program run by the Chinese Artists Association of Hong Kong. Szeto also performs with professional Cantonese Opera troupes regularly. 

  • What are your most coveted roles?
    I would like to perform challenging roles, like Wen Pingshen in Time to Go Home and Xue Pinggui in Farewell at the Cavern, that are both demanding technically and dramatically.
  • Which veteran artists are you a fan of, and why?
    Sit Kok-sin is the artist that inspires me the most for he was willing to experiment and incorporate elements from other regional genres of opera. He was also a fearless innovator.
  • What has been the greatest reward of joining our Young Talent Showcase?
    In addition to performance technique and artistry, the artist directors has imparted to us how to live with integrity as well as important interpersonal skills which are my greatest take-away from the program.
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