Chung Yat-ming

Studied under many renowned artists, including Yam Tai-fan, Wong Yuet-san, Mak Wai-man, Chiang Yim-hung, Lo Wan-yin, Lee Fan-fong, Hui Kin-seun, Chan Man, Tsang Yuk-nui, Zhou Jialing and Zhou Zhenbang. Chung studied at and graduated from the Cantonese Opera Academy, the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts and Wan Man Cantonese Opera. He started his apprenticeship in the art in 1980. Specializing in male roles. 

  • What are your most coveted roles?
    Jiang Shilong in the Moon Pavilion, Cao Pi in the Goddess of the Luo River, Emperor Chongzhen / Emperor of Qing dynasty in Princess Changping and Guo Huai in Raccoon for a Prince.
  • Which veteran artist(s) are you a fan of, and why?
    Bak Shuet-sin and Lam Kar-sing are my all-time favorites. As for those who are still active in the industry, I really admire Yuen Siu-fai and Law Ka-ying because they are seasoned professionals with an encyclopedic knowledge of Cantonese Opera but are also very innovative.
  • What has been the greatest reward of joining our Young Talent Showcase?
    Under the guidance of the artistic directors, I have learnt how to convey a wide variety of human emotions with traditional Cantonese Opera techniques and movement
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