Tam Wing-lun, Alan

Apprenticed for 24 years. Tam was a disciple of Ng Cheuk-jung and studied under Lam Kam-tong, Cheung Po-wah, Lui Hung-kwong, Susanna Cheng, Fu Yuet-wah, He Mengliang and Wang Jialing. He completed his studies at the Cantonese Opera Academy of Hong Kong. Specializing in male roles. 

  • Which veteran artist(s) are you a fan of, and why
    There are so many! I particularly adore Lam Kam-tong, Mandy Mui and the artists at the Hing Fung Ming Cantonese Opera Troupe. I have learnt so much from these giants of the industry. It has been a blessing. I am forever grateful to every one of my mentors and instructors.
  • What is your quest in art?
    In the past, I just wanted to be a good actor. But now that I spend much of my time touring Singapore and Malaysia, I would like the audience there to know that there is a younger generation picking up the torch. I would also like the governments there to pay more attention and promote Cantonese Opera as an art form.
  • What has been the greatest reward of joining our Young Talent Showcase?
    When I first joined the program, I was mostly assigned clown roles and warrior roles. At the time, I was performing a different script everyday and therefore, was exposed to a great number of works. As a result, I grew as an artist at a rapid rate and gained a lot of performance experience.
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